Specialist Drying Systems


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​About Rapidry
Our services include:


Damage to a building by water can be caused by anything from a leaky radiator to a major flood. It's not just the water itself that causes problems, but risks from mould, mildew and bacteria, which can thrive in damp conditions. ​​​​​​

Flood water is potentially the worst to deal with. Raw sewage can carry extremely dangerous bacteria and viral infections. The aftermath of a fire can also cause problems as the water used by firefighters will often leave the premises in need of drying. 

To return the premises to a safe condition requires thorough cleaning and drying out by specialists. Drying out property and contents has to be done carefully. If the process isn't properly controlled, it will create excess humidity, which can spread the moisture to other areas, increasing the risk of mildew and other damage.



We carry out a full survey of the premises, inspecting and recording the damage.
The results of our survey are compiled into a comprehensive report, including all the relevant measurements EG relative humidity and microbial readings, with supporting photographs and thermal images.
Depending on the various factors highlighted in the report, we formulate and document a drying plan.
Once the plan is approved, we will install the equipment and carry out the treatment.
Final Survey
At this point, we make a final survey to confirm the expected results have been achieved and that no residual problems remain.